About We

Not going to let grammar stand in the way of what this is all about.

This is all about "We."

No "us" or "I" just "We."

Everything Same Old Expressions does, and strives to do, acknowledges that the less we give, the less we get. So, how can we give more, to get more to give even more is variable that we're solving for.

The way this all works is Give. Get. Grow.

Everything we do starts with giving, but both sides of giving - give to others, give to yourself. Then we get what we sew, and others get the fruits of this focus. It all ties together to provide growth for you, for us, and our partners.

But, it's not all roses, its militant optimism because if you got issue with the ethos, then fuck right off, ain't nobody asked you anyways.

Hoping to be the ugly side of the good times through . . . 

  • Transparency
  • Sustainability
  • Accessibility
  • Community
  • Product

. . . no point in expanding on these values now, too many buzzwords, let's wait and see if we're full of shit.