Clothing drop-off bins are almost always 100% owned by for-profit-fuck-everyone-else businesses, and you get the pleasure of hauling your shit to the bin plus you get nothing for it.

An alternative is it to try and get some money for your clothes at a thrift store, but you end up getting next to nothing and more often than not you get the "Beacon's treatment" and leave feeling like shit with $10 store credit for your 5 Gucci dresses or 3 pairs of Supreme jeans.

Not no mo' god damn it.

So instead, we have . . .

Give. Get. Grow. Thrift.

  • We'll pick up all of the clothes that you were going to/want to donate
  • Just submit your info below and we'll get back in touch same day to schedule the pickup
  • We'll also confirm who is coming so that you know exactly who to expect
  • From whatever we sell you get 20% of the sale
  • From whatever we sell 20% goes to a local partner organization
  • And we also directly donate all of the clothes that we are not going to sell to a non-profit that will directly put your clothes in the hands of those in need
  • The rest we reinvest to grow Same Old Expressions to grow the "Give"

Questions? email us direct - or call 201-388-3189