Same Old Community Clothing Fund

Same Old Community Clothing Fund is an initiative that we've developed to reward donors, allocate needed capital to organizations making the changes we all want to see, and bolstering Same Old Expressions in order to grow the platform to increase the impact we can have on perpetuating this cycle of hard goods, capital, and connection to create a growing web of supported and interconnected change makers.

Simply put, community building through the allocation of incentives and rewards at all stages in the supply chain that are necessary to grow, feed, and scale real change.

The way it works:
  • We have researched and vetted local partners throughout New York that are directly providing the needed resources for under-served communities throughout the city
    • This way you don't have to worry about whether the bin, the business, or the non-profit that you're taking your much-needed clothes to are worth the donation
  • We will pick all of your clothes up for FREE. All of them.
  • We will then clean and wash all of your clothes to make sure we maximize what can sold or donated
  • From the goods you donate we'll parse the pile and . . .
    • Put those pieces we think we can sell on the site
    • And donate the rest to the worthy causes that we partner with
  • For every piece that we sell, we will . . .
    • Venmo, or Paypal you 10% of the sale
    • Donate an additional 10% to our partners
    • Reinvest 100% of the difference in growing Same Old Expressions reach and impact
  • You'll receive an itemized receipt of . . .
    • What was donated and to which organization
    • What was put up for sale and at what price
      • You'll receive a Venmo or Paypal (your choice) for your cut of each sale, plus a note in the receipt of where the other 10% was donated, each time a sale is made

**Simply submit your email address below, and we'll schedule a time to pick up all of your clothes.

** Your email address will be used for NOTHING, other than scheduling a time to pick up the clothes. This will NOT include in our newsletter, this will not be used for digital marketing. The ability to opt-in to those scenarios exist elsewhere on the site, NOT here.